Mortgage Meltdown – The Online Game

For some people, the real estate mess is no game; it’s an open sore of a subject. But, games can be great ways to learn for good–or ill.

One company that’s turning lemons into virtual lemonade is an outfit called They just released Mortgage Meltdown, a spin on the old Monopoly game.

In Monopoly, you tried to dominate the real estate market. In Mortgage Meltdown, you just try to stay above water. And, just like in real life, there are lots of things that can go wrong from property tax hikes to earthquakes. There are some good things (or less bad things) that can happen, too–just like in real life. is doing two things.

First, they’re showing just how powerful new computer technology is. They’re able to lift the headlines from today’s papers and turn it into a computer simulation. It used to take years to bring a game to market. And, if you noticed, these games are pretty robust.

Another thing the company is doing is, I hope, creating a learning experience. As funny as it may seem, people learned lessons from those Monopoly and Life games. That’s where I learned about rent and mortgages, come to think of it.

Some other games on the company’s websites run the gamut from laundering money to the dental business.

As AddictingGames create more experiences like Mortgage Meltdown, maybe it will help us avoid the costly mistakes of the past.

Unless you’re learning how to launder money. Then you may get a go-to-jail card.