What Are Your Roadblocks To Success

There is a hard question to ask and answer about ourselves and that is:

What are our individual mental roadblocks to success?Roadblocks, obstacles

We all have them, we have internal mental roadblocks to success that can stop us in our tracks. The challenge is to find out what these roadblocks are, they are usually hidden quite well in our mind. These roadblocks usually have nothing to do with logic. Then they seem to jump out right when we set a goal and make a success declaration. They are holding you back achieving success.

 When you set a big goal, a goal that gets you excited, starts the juices flowing, you visualize the success of the goal then all of a sudden out of the blue pops the roadblocks to success. The roadblocks will infiltrate your thinking and start coming up with reasons why you cannot achieve that success or goal. Or they may be: I will have to do this first before I can do that. They will come into your mind in the form of what seems like logic, but it is not logic.

Roadblocks to Success – What are Yours

These roadblocks may be:
I don’t have the money!
I don’t have any experience!
I don’t have the time?
I am too old!
I am not smart enough! (self esteem)
I am too young!
I will have to get in better shape before I can do that!|
I will have to get a different job to be able to make that much!
There are thousands, maybe millions more…..you can call them Roadblocks…..
But They Are Really EXCUSES!!!

Roadblocks to Success or Excuses

They are your own personal roadblocks to success (excuses). These roadblocks (excuses) may come from your childhood, your previous experiences or things you have been told by people that were influential in your life.

These roadblocks or excuses are something that you have let become a part of you. These excuses may have some logic to them but mostly these are beliefs that you allow to remain in your mind.

Identify these roadblocks or excuses when you set a goal, write them down and and work through them one at a time……turn them into obstacles. Because obstacles you can overcome with a mindset for success.

There is a quote that I have heard, that I use regularly, but I can’t remember the source. “You Can Make Money or You Can Make Excuses…..take your pick.”