Real Estate Investment Game

I would like to announce my latest web property – Real Estate Investment Game.

The game is about buying and selling virtual property. You are presented with virtual apartments in different looks, along with various data, including market value and tenancy count. You can also see who owns the apartments and you can decide whether to buy the properties or not. To increase your apartments’ attractiveness, you can upgrade them with various upgrades, such as apartments’ maintenance to keep yours squeaky clean (and have better market value.)

You can play with either real money or play money.

The benefits of playing real estate online game

I love the concept of this game because it allows you and I to buy or sell virtual properties with regard to the simplified analytical data, such as an apartment value trend over time. From the data, you can decide whether to buy a property, keep your property or sell your property.

This way, you can learn the basics of real estate investment, as well as hone your real estate investing skills – all are done in an interactive an fun environment.

Why playing games if all you want is to learn the basics? Playing game increases the effectiveness of your learning – Please read this article about using games for fast-learning process.

Real money vs. play money

You can choose your game: Play just for fun with play money, or play for money with real money.

Obviously, play money refers to free version of the game, and real money refers to premium version of the game – Please note, both games have exactly the same game systems.

Why bother playing with real money if you can have all the fun playing with play money? The answer: make money online.

Yes, you can make money online through the capital gain of your owned virtual properties, just like in the real life real estate flipping.

I can’t describe this real estate game better than trying the game yourself. Of course, sign-up is free of charge 🙂