Life Insurance Mistakes To Avoid

Most of us know what life insurance is: you pay a monthly or annual premium and in return the insurance company pays your nominated beneficiary or estate a lump sum when you die.  Over the years life insurance has grown, with a multitude of policies to suit nearly every kind of need.

1. Buying Life Insurance From Mortgage Lenders When Arranging A Loan

Another common mistake is buying life insurance from a mortgage lender or bank who is lending the individual money to buy a home. Banks like to cross sell a variety of products to their customers, and when individuals seek financing for the purchase of a home, they suddenly become a captive audience to the bank who is making the loan.

The financial institution will try and add on a variety of insurance products in addition to the mortgage or loan they are making, and the deals on offer may not always be the best deals that can be picked up were the individual to approach an insurance adviser or a specialist.

It is better to buy life insurance from a specialist financial adviser, largely because they have a better understanding of the products on offer, and how they compare to rival products and probably have a bigger offering.

Individuals should also not be afraid to make an adviser work for their money and feel no pressure to commit. Advisers may be commission driven and financial products such as life insurance provide remuneration to advisers through a commission structure.

2. Life Cover through superannuation fund providers

Life insurance through your superannuation fund may seem like an easy option, but just make sure you read the fine print.

A life insurance policy through your super fund may not cover you for the right amount. This means that if something does go wrong, you may be severely underinsured, leaving your loved ones with insufficient funds during an emotionally turbulent time.

3. Buying Life Insurance directly without underwriting

Life insurance products sold directly without underwriting, often sold aggressively via television advertising, may cost double compared to equivalent cover which is fully underwritten.

Another point to note is that non underwritten types of life insurance policies often have exclusions on previous medical history.

Speak to your trusted insurance adviser about your personal life insurance needs and compare different life insurance quotes.