Financial Planning Towards Financial Freedom

Financial planning is needed for those of you who want to achieve your financial goals, as well as the old saying “Failing to plan equals planning to fail” if you do not make plans in the financial planning or the plan is still not good then you’re planning to fail.

Try to think for a moment: people who have done just planning to fail, especially who do not plan, certainly will fail. as Robert T. Kiyosaki always emphasized in every book of the mega best seller: The Importance of Having and continue Sharpen your financial intelligence because that is what will bring you to financial freedom.

To make a financial plan is still much that is not understood by most people about issues related to financial issues. for example, people want to save in order to prepare for a down payment on a house, may not know how much to save each month, and probably also can not predict what the price will be the future home, questions such questions will arise and many will not be able to easily answered because of lack of knowledge about the “financial planning”.

In this case you may need the help of a financial planner to help you create a financial plan which if the plan is executed, then you are running to achieve financial goals that have been defined.

Usually before making a financial plan, the planner must conduct fact finding interviews and through on goal quesioner about your future financial objectives, situation and your financial condition at this moment, and then made finance plan.

In some developed countries, such as professional financial planners have been very common, here are some ways a financial planner is paid:

1. Honorarium
In this case a financial planner receives payment for the financial plan they makes, no matter the client to run the financial advice given or not. there is even a financial planner who set their honorarium per hour.

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2. Commission
Here, a financial planner receive commission paid when the client runs the financial advice given. in this regard you as a client must be observant, make sure the financial advice given in accordance with your financial goals, because sometimes in order to get commission from the products offered by, a financial planner ignore your financial goals.

3. Honorarium + Commission
Financial planners receive honorarium for the financial plan and made suggestions, and if the client plans to run it, then the financial planner will also receive commissions from financial product recommended to his client.

Of course, each way has its own consequences, but if you want to find a planner who can give the best advice make sure you have a genuine financial planner to help you.

Some financial planners offer their services for free, especially those who have affiliations with insurance companies as a form of socialization and financial planning to the general public, this certainly is good news for those of you who want to made a financial plan. but before making sure that the-planners are people who genuinely help you, make sure that insurance companies also shelter where they have sufficient product to help you achieve your financial goals. So, what are you waiting for? let’s make financial planning towards your financial freedom.