Rich Dad Q&A

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  1. I took the advice full heartedly when Robert and Mike Maloney told us that silver would be history’s stongest investment. Since late 2008 I have been buying silver every week. Wow am I glad I have!! To think that I have nearly doubled my money in just 1 year. It feels great to finally be on the right track financially instead of wishing I had started investing earlier in life (I’m 29). I started saving in a 401k back in 2004 and now that I see the returns of a true investment, I feel, rightfuly that I have been cheated. Right now I am locked into my current 401k called a Thrift Savings Plan and cannot roll the money over into an investment that won’t earn me negative gains until my contract with the military is over. I’m not really sure what to do about it except take the savings out as a loan to buy more silver. Its the only way to get the money. Does anyone have any insight on this subject?

    Dispite hundreds of hours of research on the subject of precious metals trading, I still have not found a solid answer to one of my biggest questions. In about September 2008 till about Feb. 2009 silver dropped steeply for that entire time. If I am not mistaken I have come to a conclusion that when the price of silver/gold goes up its value is not changing. The value of the currency used to purchase it is going down. Around the same time that the $700B TARP passed silver was dropping dramatically. If the inflation of a currency decreases its purchasing power and my previouse statement is true then how is this possible?

    I have also read about how the silver market is manipulated by the global elite of the precious metals market. And how people/orginizations/countries will buy up large sums of gold/silver and hold onto it in order to release it in large quantities to the public in order to keep the price down. Can this be a cause for the short and steep loss in price?

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