3 Free Online Finance Software Programs

Shelley Elmblad

Online personal finance software is very convenient because you can use it wherever there is an Internet connection. And, these free top three online personal finance software choices offer security features for your personal finance data. With online software, you never have to install anything on your hard drive and software updates are done for you on the software company’s servers.

Online Personal Finance Software Benefits

Each of the top three online personal finance titles have a different feature focus, so look them all over and visit the web sites for more details. And remember that when you use online personal finance software on a public computer, you must log out and close the browser window before leaving the computer.

How is This Personal Finance Software Free?

ClearCheckbook is completely free but accepts free-will donations. Mint and MySpendingPlan are also completely free but each gets a cut on any of the money-saving offers presented to you. The offers on Mint.com are hidden unless you click on a tab to view them. MySpendingPlan offers are more upfront and in your face.


ClearCheckbook is free online personal finance software that is far from bare-bones free software. ClearCheckbook has many features to manage personal finances.

ClearCheckbook Features:

  • See all transactions, overall balances, reminders and notices on one page in ClearCheckbook.
  • Supports account transfers and split transactions.
  • ClearCheckbook spending limits provide a way to create a personal budget.
  • Search transactions by date, keyword, account or category.
  • Track your spending in ClearCheckbook with charts, graphs and spending vs. saving for all accounts.
  • Security: you do not enter your account numbers into ClearCheckbook.
  • Reconcile accounts and use time-saving recurring transactions.
  • Personal finance alerts and reminders arrive by email.
  • Use CheckBot to update your account while on the go with AIM, ICQ, MSN / Windows Live, Google Talk and Yahoo! Messaging services.

Get ClearCheckbook free personal finance software at ClearCheckbook.com.


Mint is free online personal finance software that offers something truly different: Mint tells you how you can save money, and it has some nice automated features.

Mint Features:

  • Mint automatically updates your banking and credit card transactions, eliminating the possibility of forgetting to enter transactions.
  • Mint automatically categorizes transactions as they are downloaded.
  • Label transactions to be able to quickly identify expenses that are related to work, hobbies, meals out, etc.
  • View all banking and credit card transactions and account balances side by side.
  • Mint works with 3,000 U.S. banks and credit card companies.
  • Compares cash and debt for quick overall financial reporting, and Mint offers spending histories.
  • Email and SMS alerts let you know about low balances, large purchases and other financial activities in your accounts.
  • Security: firewalls, encryption and authentication procedures protect your personal finance data.
  • Mint tells about banking and credit card deals and money-saving products and services you could benefit from using. This information is kept out of the way under the Ways to Save tab.

Get Mint free online personal finance software and learn about managing personal finances at Mint.com.


MySpendingPlan online personal finance software has strong personal budgeting features and a focus on building savings.

MySpendingPlan Features:

  • Detailed budget set-up.
  • Manage budgets and spending for groups or for your household.
  • Bill tracking with email reminders from MySpendingPlan.
  • Set up savings goals in MySpendingPlan and track progress toward those goals.
  • Shopping features include shopping planner, online shopping deals, shopping lists, savings recommendations, online and in-store coupons.
  • Security: MySpendingPlan uses strong data encryption and does not require account numbers to be entered.
  • Pre-made templates for standard personal budgets or for planning for large, infrequent expenses.

Get MySpendingPlan free online personal finance software and personal budgeting tips at MySpendingPlan.com.