I am just another "Poor Dad" in this world!

The RICH DAD’s apprentice help me to reveal myself, soon I realized that I am just another POOR DAD in this world.

My head non-stopping thinking about it.

RICH DAD – I must become rich & wealthy because I have a family & children to take care.

POOR DAD – I cannot become rich & wealthy because I have a family & children to take care.

So different the way of thinking.

I still can remember the below from the well-known speaker told us,

1. People should do what they love to do
2. However, most people end up never do what they love to do

The above 2 sentences are contradiction each others, if people know they should do what they love to do but why still end up doing something else.
Why people end up never doing what they love to do?

You must have a lot of excuses or reason to justify it. So do I.

– Dare not take risk
– People do not get what they want due to they do not know what they want in the first place.
– Fear
– People are complacent, do not want to get in trouble in the something new
– Opportunity not there

The reason that people do not end up doing what they want to do is because whatever they are doing now is just too comfortable, it is not great, not fantastic, not they really want but still go to work. Sometimes, they may even hate the job, or the company, or even hate the boss but they still go to work.

It is interesting to know people spend their time & effort doing something they really do not like to do but just because they are just too comfortable, not many changes, – Comfort Zone.

Don’t you think is interesting? Think about that.

Definition of Word “Wealth”
Big car? Big house? Possession on oneself? How much he spent? Did you realize that a lot of people have big car big house but also with big loan.

Number of day forward you can survive/ maintain your lifestyle if you stop work – forever/ infinity

Which mean if you don’t want to go to work tomorrow, you never ever have to worry a day about the rest of your life because somehow somewhere there will be an income/ money coming to you and you will be taken care of. Isn’t that wonderful?

That’s the stage we are looking for. Financial Independent or Retirement
Retirement normally happen in age of 55/60/65 years. What you can do at age of retirement? Nothing much.

Will it be nice if you can retire in much younger age so called Financial Independent?
You wake up and have a choice to choose whether want to go to work or no. Once you have the choice you have the freedom & vice versa.

The fact is most people don’t have that freedom.

People need to go out there to make ‘MMM’ money making machine. MMM is a machine that you spend some time, effort & resources to create.

It is possible to make your own money making machine. But most of the Malaysia spend their time, money & effort to turn themselves to a money making machine to a company. Too busy in the work, no time for create your own MMM is a killer.

Become a MMM and create a MMM is very different. You might want to write down “how many days you can survive if stop work today?’ The ultimate goal is to increase the number of days.

In nowadays, making money is very easy. The only thing you need to do is working very hard. If you work hard enough sure you will make money, but create wealth is not about working hard is about working smart.

There is thousand of people out-there working very very hard everyday but never found financial independent. Working hard is not the answer for the wealth. Working hard on the right financial strategy then is the way to create wealth. Think about it. But where to start & how?

How come a highly educated people or highly professional sometime do not want to follow good suggestion? Because they think they know it already. Creating wealth also not depending on how high your education is. Our education never teach you about money or creating wealth, the teacher teach you how to become a great MMM (employee) to company.

If teacher teach you about money, I am more worry about that. Because most of the teacher are not wealthy.

About 70% of the population stop work today cannot survive more than 60 days.  I start to think more in-dept about the issue now.

~ Darrell Tan