Success breeds success

Have you ever met anyone famous? Did you actually get to talk with them? I did. The entire time I knew it would be a night I would never forget.

How did this come about? It started in the same way that many great stories begin: in a smoky casino. If someone asked me what I was doing for my spring break, I would exclaim: “I’m going to Vegas!” to which everyone would follow that up with what my “game” was. Then I would explain that I was going for a real estate conference, and that I would have no time to gamble. That’s right. I went to Vegas, NOT to gamble! Blasphemy. After I said that I would get a reaction of disbelief to pity.

Anyway, there I was, after about 12 hours of sitting and learning, standing around with the owners of SREC: Josh Cantwell, Greg Clement, and many others. It was amazing to see more than one person just “show up” whom I had seen on various webinars and websites, (and part of their gold coaching program). These people are famous! And I was just standing there (in the smoky casino, the best possible place to decide your dinner plans), shooting the breeze. Crazy.

After awhile, we finally decided where to eat. It was someplace Italian. I didn’t care, really. It was amazing, I actually got to trade jokes with people who seem so normal, but then they go out and make $10,000 in one go and call it a bad month.

But you didn’t come here for a story, did you? You want information, insight, intrigue (?). Well, here it is: what I learned most from my dinner from millionaires, actually just reaffirmed something that has been said time and time again.

Your net worth truly is the average of those you surround yourself with

If you have yet to hear this saying: take your five closest friends, average what they make in a year, and it should be very close to what you make. Why is that? I learned why that night. It’s one of those things that you really have to experience to truly comprehend, but I’ll say it anyway. To put it bluntly: Winners hang out with winners, losers hang out with losers. Misery loves company, but so does success.

Whenever I would come back from a conference, seminar, boot camp, whatever, I would always feel so invigorated for real estate, investing, and life. Then, after awhile, my enthusiasm would start to fade. The reason being is that I was surrounded by negative people. Get this: successful people don’t put down each other, or tell each other why something won’t work. They actually encourage each other! It’s crazy, but true! It’s not money that makes them successful, it’s their mindset and the mindset of those they spend time with.

What you can do about it

Find successful people, and hang around them. Period. Offer to do stuff for them, run errands, volunteer for any causes they have, whatever it takes, just get around them. Their confidence will rub off on you, and they might even help you if you ever need anything…

Get away from negative people, at all costs! This may sound harsh but dump your friends! If they aren’t helping you then they’re hurting you. Success breeds success. In order to get success you need to go where there already is success.