From 2009 Until 2023 Cash Will be Trash!

This is one of the most shocking statements I’ve heard in a long time and because it rhymes, the quote has been inside my head the whole day long: “Cash is Trash!”

I cannot believe it!

Please make sure to read every word on this post, watch the video below and download the latest book of Robert Kiyosaki (free below) as it will open your eyes to a very harsh reality I think everyone must be aware of…

About 2 years ago, a Peruvian friend of mine here in Amsterdam, told me that the first thing he learned during his MBA studies was the following quote: “Cash is King”.

In my mind, I disagreed with him but never told him as he was very enthusiastic about his MBA studies and I did not want to be the “party pooper”.

After I read the book “The Cashflow Quadrant” by Robert Kiyosaki in 1998, I understood that CASH was not king but Cash Flow was the real financial monarch!

In 2002 I read his other book: “Rich Dad Prophecy” and it was then that I REALLY understood what he really meant.

Since then I’ve been looking at the world with really different eyes and to be honest I am absolutely not surprised of what is happening financially these days in the world.

Kiyosaki has been one of my financial beacons and I have tremendous respect for him. His new book is called “The Conspiracy of the Rich” and he’s giving it away for free temporarily online as a.pdf and videos.

Before I tell you where to get your copy, please watch this video below, it will blow your mind and you will understand a bit more why I think it is so important that you find out more about the real status of the economy.

Please watch this video in full and continue reading my post afterwards…

Scary thought ha?

Now you see how the title of my post clearly reflects what cash really is right?

Now, what does that really mean…

Well, what it means is that we’re entering into a HUGE era of change and it is critical that you adjust the sails because the economic world as we know it will change dramatically.