Slight Reprieve in Oil Prices Won’t Last Long

I observed an interview of Robert Kiyosaki this week in regards to oil/fuel prices and the long term forecast.

Kiyosaki claims that the primary reason for our current oil price situation is the devaluation of the dollar.  Oil is purchased in dollars and as the United States continues to print more dollars the value declines which directly results in escalating oil prices.  There are obviously other factors that cause the price of oil to rise including demand and oil speculators, however, the primary culprit is the declining value of the dollar.

Kiyosaki also says to enjoy the slight reprieve we’ve observed over the past couple of weeks because in the long term, if the dollar continues to decline in value, we can expect to see gas prices well over $6.00 or $7.00 a gallon.

Posted by Glenn Crawford of Project Liberty