Leverage – Do the work once and get paid forever

I was having coffee with my business partner Mun Hoe today. We were talking about property investments and went onto the subject of leverage.

I was talking about leveraging the bank’s money in property when Mun Hoe shared with me that he read an alternative definition by Bradley Sugars, in his book Instant Success: The Real Estate Coach.

Brad Sugars defines Leverage as

Do the work once and get paid forever

I was blown away. I was stunned at how true this definition was!

Mun Hoe went on to share that Brad Sugars gave a few examples of Leverage:-

  • You write a book once and get paid royalty forever …
  • You write an advertisement for your business once and test it to see that it works and then, you can run it for as long as it keeps working.
  • You train someone once and then they do it for you long term …
  • You buy an investment property once and collect rent and capital gain forever …
  • You get a new customer for your business and keep them coming back for a long period of time
  • You build a network of distributors and they keep distributing for you forever …

Brad’s perspective changed my view of leverage forever, even though I have used the concept of leverage to achieve my own financial freedom.

~ Willy Lim ~