Why Ask A Stranger About Investing?

My passive income march is starting to take shape, I have found a couple of great resources and mentors that have been successful at creating their own Financial Freedom through passive income and I am studying how they achieved their success and applying the strategies myself.

As there are naturally a lot of people looking at their financial situation at the moment, with the changes in mortgages, house prices and inflation, I am reminded of a story about peoples choices when it comes to looking for a return on their investment.

Oprah Winfrey had invited Robert Kiyosaki to be a guest on her fantastic daytime TV show to talk about Personal Finance and Raising Your Financial IQ. At a questions and answers from the audience session, one lady raised her hand and asked the question to Robert Kiyosaki:-

” I have $10,000 to invest, what would you advise I invest it in?” Oprah quickly responds, ” Robert, would you like me to handle this one for you?” She then goes on to ask the lady why she feels it is necessary to ask someone how to invest money, when she should be learning about it herself.

Now I know some great Financial Planners and Independent Financial Advisers who are experts in their field and I have done in the past exactly what that lady did and simply asked their opinion on what I should do with my money. I have also bought shares in companies I do not know exists, how many of us willingly talk to a broker, or buy shares online in “XYZ” mining company, when in fact we have never even SEEN the mine. It is all fascinating!

I spent a day recently at a seminar of 500 women, all had their own businesses and what struck me was the high percentage of those women who had found their financial circumstances had changed beneath them by events such as divorce or redundancy that had left them with a life to rebuild and a financial status that was fragile at best.

The reason I have chosen to carry out my own investing is because it is the provider of not only a sound financial independence of my own and choices for my family, but because I do not see why I should ask someone else to look after my financial future above myself.