Rich Dad Lessons: The Quick Reference Guide To Wealth

Alan Jacques is President of a successful Canadian company and excellent teacher of subjects related to money, wealth and entrepreneurial businesses.

This is his Quick Reference Guide To Wealth inspired by Robert Kiyosaki’s work:

  Broke Masses Successful Middle Class Investor Rich
1. Who Employees Employees & Self-Employeed Business Owners & Investors
2. Education Highschool or college graduate – Values Education, often college graduate
– Attends course and seminars on investing
Values only “street smart education”, often aquired from peers and/or self-learned
3. Major financial goal To survive until next payday To build up a significant net worth by age 55-56 Freedom
4. Focus Salary or hourly wage Net worth Cash flow
5. Cash Flow Management (CFM) “How much do I have in my wallet?” Understands the value of CFM Understands that CFM is the foundation to all wealth
6. Definition of an asset A 6-pack in the fridge Anything that has market value Anything that produces a positive cash flow
7. Home Would like to own one One of their most important assets A home is a liability, not an asset
8. Investment vehicles -Government pension
– Lotteries
– Mutual funds
– Blue chip stocks
– Real Estate: condos, houses & duplexes
– Stocks: IPOs as investors and/or key shareholders
– Real Estate: larger projects
– Businesses
9. Investment sources The government Invests in financial products created by others Creates products and services to sell to the Middle Class and the masses
10. Investment systems Hope – Dollar cost averaging (DCA)
– Low down real estate systems
– Create their own or modify others
– Often learn from other rich investors who are their peers
11. Expected rate of return Get rich quick 12% to 30% 50% to 500%+++
12. Risk Has no idea how to evaluate it Accepts moderate risk Most investments are low or very low risk
13. What works If it doesn’t work, keep doing it Learn what works and keep doing it no matter what Keep learning and innovate, innovate, innovate
14. Time horizon Next payday Long term Tailored to each goal or investment
15. Real estate Would like some Buy & hold, waits for it to go up in value “You make money when you buy, not when you sell”
16. Most valuable resource Paycheck Investments Time
17. Why work? Work for the weekend Work for money of which 10-20% goes to investments Money works so they don’t have to
18. Advisors Broke friends & family Financial planners, accountants Themselves, each other, coaches, selected professionals
19. Resources TV – The Millionaire Next Door
– The Wealthy Barber
– Rich Dad/Poor Dad
– The Cashflow Quadrant
– The Cashflow Game
– Robert Kiyosaki tape sets
20. Key indicator event Savings account with $100 in it $1 million net worth Passive income exceeds expenses
21. Questions and Answers Don’t really understand the distinction Asks questions and seeks the right answer Knows there are many answers
22. Delegation “If you want it done right, you have to do it yourself.” “You can delegate what you don’t know” “If you don’t know the fundamentals, you can get slaughtered!”