Is being an entrepreneur for you?

Look… just because you don’t like your job is not a strong enough reason to become an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur is hard work. Although I do believe everyone can become an entrepreneur, I encourage everyone to do it if you feel that is your calling, but entrepreneurship is not for everyone.


Robert Kiyosaki put it the best:

Becoming an entrepreneur begins with a shift of philosophy and the shift looks like this…

1. From a desire for security to a desire for freedom

2. From a desire for steady paycheck to the desire for great wealth

3. From seeing value in dependence to seeing value in independence

4. To make my own rules rather than obey someone else’s rules

5. A desire to give orders rather than take orders

6. A willingness to be fully responsible rather than say, “It’s not my job”

7. To determine the culture of a company rather than try to fit into someone else’s

8. To make a difference in this world rather than complain about the problems of the world

9. To know how to find a problem and turn it into a business opportunity

10. To choose to be an entrepreneur rather than an employee

I believe everyone has what it takes to become an entrepreneur. We were all born to be creative and we can do anything we set our mind to. Being an entrepreneur is not about making money, it is about creation, problem solving and contributing to the world. Then, the money will come along the way. If you don’t first shift your mindset from an employee to an entrepreneur, you will have a miserable time being an entrepreneur. I can guarantee it.