Robert Kiyosaki in Israel

REAL ESTATE guru and best-selling author Robert Kiyosaki who wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad came to Israel ostensibly to promote his new book We Want You to Be Rich, written with Donald Trump, another real estate maven, who is currently investing in Israel.

But what Kiyosaki was really here for was to promote the concept of educating school children towards financial independence. It was Kiyosaki’s first visit to Israel, and one that as a former US pilot who served in Vietnam, he had eagerly anticipated because, he said, “Israel has the best pilots.”

While in Israel, Kiyosaki sat down with local youngsters to play CASHFLOW, an educational board game he invented and developed to teach players the concept of investing.

Kiyosaki is very gung-ho on education, possibly because his father was head of the Education Department in Hawaii. But his father, despite his position and degrees from Stanford and Northwestern, was not a rich man – something that rankles Kiyosaki to this day. He sincerely believes that people would be much more affluent and financially independent if they were educated towards financial and investment savvy.

Kiyosaki proved his dedication to education by donating all his speaker’s fees in Israel to two educational projects – Hinuch LePsagot (Summit Education) and Kav Hazinuk (Starting Line). Both focus on youth with high potential from low socio-economic backgrounds and give them educational opportunities that they might otherwise be denied. Several young people in Israel will owe their future education to Kiyosaki.