Building up a home business

Making money from the comfort of your home with a web-based business is an ideal opportunity for some. However, while many will ponder the decision, action comes very slowly.

Doubt will surface and a “too good to be true” mentality will creep in. Leaving the comfort and security of their present job situation will create anxiety in those that need absolute security. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Starting an online marketing business can be built part-time using one of the duplicable systems out there. That way, the new e-entrepreneur can learn from a mentor – someone who has cleared the path before. There are many opportunities out there. Investigate them and make a decision.

Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad fame espouses the philosophy “just do it”. Take the risk, but only after doing a due diligence investigation.

In one of the Rich Dad courses that I took, we were offered an excellent tool.

We were told to ask the question: What is the best thing that can happen? and write down your answer. Then ask yourself: What is the worst that can happen? and write that down too.

Now for each of the items under: What is the worst that can happen?, ask yourself if you can handle that. For example if you had put down that you wasted time; write down whether you can handle that. If one of the worst things is that you lose $1,000 then ask yourself if you can handle that and write down that answer too. If you can handle the worst outcome, you may want to proceed but if you cannot handle it, then you should pursue a different opportunity.

Basically ask yourself if the potential reward of the best possible outcome is worth the risk of the worst possible outcome.

Building a business does take time and usually some money. You can invest both to various degrees. Some people will put in more time and less money. Others put in more money and less time. Neither is necessarily better than the other.

It depends, of course, on where you invest your time and money. Perhaps if you have less money to invest in your new business you need to spend more time deciding the best bang for your buck. This may even be a better strategy than just throwing money at all of the investments that are presented to you as you build your on-line business.

Once you make the decision to start, you must commit yourself to your goal. This will involve planning your time and money strategy wisely to maximize the possibility of the best outcome being realized. Learn and continue top learn from all opportunities presented to you.

Many are offered to you by whatever affiliation you make with your web-based business. Others are available by searching the internet or asking people whose success you admire.

For example, I chose to learn about the success of Robert Kiyosaki by reading his Rich Dad series, listening to his CDs and completing his courses. Robert Kiyosaki is concerned that people will not have the financial resources to look after themselves in his retirement and has dedicated a big portion of his life to educate people in the financial realm.

I liked his altruistic motive and wanted to learn what I could. Find your own interest and pursue it. Take action and learn, reap the result, and repeat the process. It will be your guide to success.

Mark Styranka