OPT – Your Secret Wealth Creation Strategy?

You may have heard of using OPM, or Other People’s Money, to leverage yourself to true wealth. This wealth building strategy has worked for many investors in the real estate and options markets. But have you heard of OPT?

What is OPT?

The OPT wealth creation strategy uses the same principle, leverage, but here we are using a totally different medium – the power of the mind. The power of the subconscious mind to create a prosperity mindset has been highly touted, especially recently.

But first let’s lay some groundwork.

Today, more and more enlightened folks are achieving greater success in their lives by elevating their thoughts. When applied specifically to the realm of manifesting abundance they practice such prosperity rituals as abundance affirmations and abundance meditations. They also engage in visualization meditations to create financial prosperity.

For instance, in a quest to attract abundance you might practice advanced visualization exercises in which you picture yourself manifesting money in your life. Often specific amounts or specific material goods are visualized in the mind’s eye. For example, you might repeat positive affirmations and conduct a creative visualization in which you see $2,500 coming into your life in the next month. Or maybe you visualize yourself manifesting a new Mustang to replace your junker.

These techniques have been written about and are being practiced more and more by those wishing to develop a wealth consciousness.

Is there any evidence, though, that this abundance mentality and these prosperity affirmations can create wealth? And, if so, what is the secret wealth system, OPT, that you might use to leverage this ability?

There is now an abundance of testimonials from those who practice these creative visualization meditations and prosperity affirmations stating that these techniques have often catapulted them from debt to wealth. They often laud these techniques saying that they have become wealth magnets attracting abundance – often from unlikely sources!

Having seen the testimonials to their effectiveness, you might agree that it would be wise to start implementing some of these prosperity rituals in your own life. But, is there a way to attract abundance beyond just honing your own mental powers?

What about OPT?

OPT stands for Other People’s Thoughts. You’ve seen the power of developing a wealth consciousness in order to attain wealth. That means expanding your own mental power in order to become a wealth magnet. That is great, but why not try to leverage the mental power of two minds, or 20 minds, or 200 or even 2000 or more minds to attract wealth?

That is the power of OPT. Using other people’s thoughts means having other folks send you energy from a distance in order to create what you want in life. Of course, this principle is not limited to attracting money. It can work with healing energy, achieving success, improving relationships, etc..

I know what some of you might be thinking – “sounds like a lot of mumbo jumbo, is their any hard evidence to support these claims?” Actually, there is now a surprising number of studies that point to the effectiveness of sending thoughts at a distance.

Dean Radin, PhD, in his powerful book, The Conscious Universe, said this, “is there any evidence that thinking about people at a distance, directing either calm, loving thoughts or aggressive, malevolent thoughts, actually affects their physiology? Four decades of laboratory experiments…reveal that the answer is quite clearly yes…”

And Katra and Targ in Miracles of the Mind noted, “For over two decades, Dr. William Braud has conducted more than 30 experiments, involving over 650 testing sessions, examining the “direct mental influence of living systems.” Braud has demonstrated that it is possible for one person’s mental processes to telepathically affect those of another person, both directly and from a distance. All of these experiments in mental-influence-at-a-distance were successful, and most important, they were repeatable.”

The two quotes above are indicative of the numerous studies that now point to the effectiveness of sending energy to others. But, how can you use this knowledge to help yourself and others?

Why not form a group and start sending each other energy. From the results of the studies it appears that distance is Not a factor when sending the energy. This will allow you to indiviudally hone your creative visualization skills while at the same time attempting to manifest the dreams of those in your group.

You might mix it up and send different energies in different months – love energy one month, abundance the next, healing the next and so on. Or, create a group focused on just one energy, say healing or attracting wealth.