Be financially literate

Julius Apegu

Author Peter Drucker once said: “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

If you ‘re searching for a way to get more out of life or if you’re in need of more for yourself and your children, you must get financial education to create your desired future. There are three types of education. Scholarship education – which teaches us to read, write and do mathematics.

financial literacyProfessional education – which teaches us to work for money by becoming a doctor, an engineer, and an accountant, and financial education – which teaches us to have money work hard for you instead of you working hard for money.
Financial education is what you need most to secure your and your family’s financial future.

Unfortunately it’s not taught in most schools. To get it you must get a coach, who will help you pinpoint the tactics and techniques of making money work for you. From a coach you will gain sound, tasted wealth-building techniques.

You will for example know how to find capital, how to create part-time income and make it grow into financial independence. Self – help books like those written by Robert Kiyosaki can get you and your family financially educated at home.

Gaining financial independence is like getting a university degree. It’s earned only by following a certain course of action for a definite period of time.
Besides, success in life does not come through luck; it comes through doing the right things.

Your financial knowledge and awareness determine your financial position and freedom. What you need to do is learn about money, (I’m glad you’re reading this article), and how it works.

Check your belief system so that you begin to set specific goals to make, save and invest a portion of everything that you earn. Financial education is life-changing education; education powerful enough to transform a caterpillar into a butterfly.
It’s an education that provides street-wise skills that enable you become a successful entrepreneur.

Start with your dream and work backwards. Your big dream will be the required motivation to leapfrog you to doing what needs to be done, and to start making things happen.

After gaining some financial independence, to keep growing personally and to grow your investments you’ve got to keep learning. The rules are always changing. The markets are always changing. To be a wining investor you’ve got to change as the market trends change.