Land Banking Course… and it’s free!

September 15th, 2007 Posted in Business, Investment

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) September 13, 2007 — Steve Haight, President of Wealth Bridge Enterprises, recently released a new Land Investing Master’s Course: Insider Secrets of a 30 Year Land Investing Professional. The course is offered without charge, free to the general public.

“To most people, land investing is a very risky industry,” says Haight. “But that’s just not true. People need to know the facts. And that’s my goal.”

“Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki are doing great work to raise the Financial IQs of people all over the world… especially with their recent book, Why We Want You to Be Rich,” says Haight. “But there are many ways to invest in real estate. I just happen to be an expert in land. And that’s the contribution I can make–giving away some of my knowledge about land investing.”

Haight is no stranger to the land investing business. He’s been doing it for 30 years. But he’s using the construction of the new Hoover Dam Bypass (slated for a 2010 completion) as a reason to spread his message quickly.

The construction of the bypass will drastically cut the commuting time between Arizona to Las Vegas. “People can get almost double the house in Arizona they would be able to afford in Las Vegas,” says Haight.

“This creates the perfect opportunity for investors to buy land that is in the path of growth and development.”

For more information on investing in Arizona land or to enroll in the free land investing Master’s Course, visit or call 702-657-5111.

9 Responses to “Land Banking Course… and it’s free!”

  1. Haven Tan Says:

    I have the intention to invest in a number of units of land, but there’re many companies selling lands to foreigners, such as Walton International, Land International, Profitable Plots, and last but not least, Jardine Smith Pte Ltd. – Considered in Singapore

    Which company or companies should i approach?

    Looking forward to your reply.


  2. Bernard Says:

    The companies you mentioned are legitimate setup in Singapore.
    So I guess you should approach each of them to find out more about:
    1. Their background, company history and track records.
    2. Which country are they selling land? Why that country and what fact and figure to back up their claim.
    3. Why should you invest into the plot of land they are selling?
    What are the reason why the plot of land will bring you profit.
    4. What is their strategy, and why.
    5. What and when are the possible exit points.
    6. Why what they recommend is a better option than company XYZ.

    Basically, you need to do your research and compare the different strategies and recommendations of each company.
    And at the bottom line, it’s your comfort level on what each company is trying to sell you
    and what you understand and trust that it will be a good investment.

  3. thelandbanker Says:

    Hi Haven,

    You mentioned several landbanking companies in Singapore. Have you looked into Edgeworth Properties Inc. as well? They have a slightly different business model from pure landbanking companies. Do take a look at this site

  4. Joshua Says:

    Hi Haven,

    I am a consultant with edgeworth properties and basically I am here because I like what I see in this company.

    The management and business model is fantastic and sound. We are not just land owners but development bankers. We own the land we market but we also developed them. The buy back is triggered as soon as the re-zoning is completed.

    Most of the consultants, me included have invested in the land that we are marketing.

    For more detail information to help you make a decision, please do not hesitate to contact me and we can also put you on the mailing list


  5. Syed Nasser Wajahat Says:

    I am working in HSBC in Pakistan I would to know if I move to USa what kind of courses are valid in USA?At the same time if you can advise me what kind of crouse should I pick before moving to USA?Thanks And Regards.

  6. Landini Says:

    Land is the basis for all wealth. Although this is true you must consider the exit strategy before you ever consider making the purchase.

    Does the land meet all of the key criteria to not only appreciate in value but also to make it a usable, valuable, build able parcel; or is it on the side of a cliff overhanging the jagged, unforgiving, rocky sub terrain of the angry ocean’s pounding waves.

    Are the people going to want to live there and build a life their? Can the existing services provide for a meaningful, gainful and enjoyable life?

    You need a valuable education when you buy land.

  7. Digit Magzine Says:

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  8. Mentzel Says:

    When I saw your page was like wow. Thank you for putting your effort in publishing this article. :)

  9. Zhou Hua Says:

    Zhou Hua

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