Is your kid smart and rich?

May 17th, 2007 Posted in Financial Literacy, Robert Kiyosaki, Video

Think that your kid is too young to learn about financial matters? 

John-Paul Pigeon started reading the Rich Dad books at just 7 years old when he found Rich Dad Poor Dad. Now at a very mature 11 years old, he is one of the most business-aware young investors in Texas.

Robert Kiyosaki was so impressed with John-Paul that he personally interviewed him at a recent Real Estate Wealth Expo. Naturally, John-Paul was there to learn more and brought his mother to learn with him.

John-Paul’s dedication to building his financial expertise has richly benefited his family, too. Here’s the whole interview:

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One Response to “Is your kid smart and rich?”

  1. John-Paul Says:

    Hey Everyone,
    It me, John-Paul. I am 12 years old now – soon to be 13. Mr. Kiyosaki is amazing.

    Every parent should be reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad for themselves and to the little people in their life. My little brother got to have the book read to him at age 6!

    It is my desire to have a whole generation of little people trained to face the financial challenges that lie on the horizon of this country.