Fearlessness is a success strategy

Robert Kiyosaki loves success.  But he’s not afraid of failure.  He loves the benefits of wealth.  But he’s not afraid of being broke.

Today, he is a poster child for success.  Confident, energized and excited to be alive, he lives with his wife Kim in a beautiful Phoenix home, flies in a private jet and enjoys the rewards that only international celebrity and wealth can bring.

The author of the blockbuster, Rich Dad Poor Dad, he hob-knobs with Donald Trump, preaches his doctrine of financial literacy to millions of people throughout the world in books and speeches, and owns an extensive portfolio of income-producing real estate, an oil company, a gold mine, a silver mine and other investments.

But Robert hasn’t always been rich and successful.  As recently as 1985 he was broke and homeless.

“Kim and I lived in a car for two or three weeks,” he explains.  “We ran out of money.”

Most people would be devastated by such traumatic circumstances.  What effect did it have on Robert?  “Not much,” he says simply.  “I’d been without money three times before that.  I don’t have the same fear most people have.  I don’t like being out of money, but I’m not afraid of it.  It’s really not that bad.  It’s just uncomfortable.

Another thing Robert is not afraid of: economic downturns.  “I like it when the bubble bursts,” he says.  “That’s when it’s easy to get rich.  That’s when bad investors lose their properties and good investors buy them.  If you’re a smart investor, it shouldn’t matter whether the times are good or bad.”

For Robert Kiyosaki, fearlessness is a success strategy.

What is your success strategy?