Buying a Lifestyle

houseMoney can buy a lot of things. What has it bought Robert Kiyosaki?

“Lifestyle,” he says. “I like my lifestyle.  It’s much better than being poor.”

Robert Kiyosaki’s definition of a good lifestyle does not include laziness.  He typically gets up at 3 a.m. and writes while things are quiet, until about noon .  In addition to books, he also writes a bi-weekly column for Yahoo! Finance called “Why the Rich Are Getting Richer”and a monthly column for Entrepreneur Magazine titled “Rich Returns.”

His other businesses, including real estate investing, demand time, too.  Plus, he and his wife, Kim, are often pulled into a grueling travel schedule, speaking, teaching (he has performed live at Madison Square Garden), appearing on such shows as MSNBC, CNBC, Oprah and CNN, and promoting PBS fund drives, where he and his teachings have been featured.

“We thrive on all the activity,” says Kim.  “When you’re winning, it’s fun.  And Rich Dad is doing phenomenally well. As long as we keep winning we’re going to keep going. It’s not the money that drives us anymore. I don’t mean to be flippant, but it’s a game.  Of course, there are times when we’re so exhausted we decide to take some time off.  Next month we’re going to our house in Hawaii and just chill out for two weeks.”

Exercise helps the Kiyosakis keep up with their demanding schedule.  Not long ago, Robert Kiyosaki started working with a trainer who put him on an intense exercise schedule and a strict eating regimen.  Kim confides that Robert has lost 55 pounds in the past year.

For mental exercise, Robert reads.  “I put together study groups and we study books in depth,” he explains.

What does Robert enjoy doing when he’s not working?

“Working!” he says.  “I have the luxury of having enough money that I don’t have to work.  But I’ve already retired once and I hated it.  So I work at what I love doing.  I’m working with Donald Trump, Magic Johnson … my work is my fun.”

Robert Kiyosaki enjoys the rewards of his work.  He likes fast cars and nice surroundings.  He loves the luxury of not having to fly commercially when he travels, flying in a private plane instead.

How would you like your lifestyle to be when you have reached your financial success?