Tell which cashflow quadrant a person belongs by his words

Robert Kiyosaki categorized people into 4 different quadrants called the Cashflow Quadrants depending on where their income or cash comes from.

The quadrants represent:

  • E – Employee
  • S – Self-employed worker
  • B – Business Owner
  • I – Investor

If you just meet a new person, how can you quickly guess if the person is in the E, S, B, or I quadrant without asking that person specifically about it?

One of the way is to listen to their words.

E Qudrants

  • “I am looking for safe and secure job with good pay and excellent benefits”
  • “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”

S Quadrant

  • “I charge a standard rate of $30 per hour for my service”
  • “Nobody can do it better than me”

B Quadrant

  • “I’m looking for a new operation manager to run my company”
  • “Why should I dirty my hand when I can get someone else better to do it for me”

I Quadrant

  • “Is my cash flow based on an internal rate if return or a net rate of return:
  • “Although it is high risk, if the numbers are right, I will take the chance”

So which kind of statements sound most like you?