If you are broke, blame it on your ancestors!

I was reading a magazine which ran a story of a 25 years old young man who owned a printing business and making good profit out of it.  I commented to my brother how capable this young chap was at such young age to be able to start up and build a company in profit.

Apparently, my brother knew more about the story than I, and he revealed that the young chap was the son of a wealthy local millionaire.  What he said after this got me thinking.  He said: “He(the young chap) is able to build up a business because he has a rich father.  If I have the same kind of money, business contacts and support as the guy’s father has given him, I too could make it big!”

Maybe it’s “sour grape” mentally, but from he said, he is implying that his success is dependent on whether our father and his generation is wealthy or not.  If this logic is true, then you can’t be rich if your father is not rich, and your father can’t be rich if his father (your grandfather) is not rich.  So if you are not rich, blame it on your grandfather and ancestors!!!

There is, however, certain truth that one generation will have effect on another generation.  Not in term by the amount money one has, but the knowledge.  If one generation acquired the knowledge of how to build wealth, and they educated and passed the knowledge down to the next, the next generation is likely to be wealthy too.  That is why some families can be wealthy for generations while some families can be broke for generations.

Robert Kiyosaki’s natural father was called the Poor Dad, and he advocated that Robert Kiyosaki should get a good job.  If Robert Kiyosaki did not met his Rich Dad, he would have follow his Poor Dad’s advice and still be running the Rat Race.  He would not be what he is today.  It is through his Rich Dad’s that he learnt the financial knowledge that propel him into the rich.  And with the financial knowledge he acquired, I am sure his future generation would benefit from it.    

If you family line has always been not doing too well, perhaps that it’s time you realize that you have the power to change the fate of your future generations.  Robert Kiyosaki change his money fate through the knowledge learnt from his Rich Dad.  You too can start acquiring the knowledge of wealth building and leave it as a legacy for your next generation.  For the key to wealth is financial knowledge.

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