Definition of being "Rich"

Ask anyone around you how they define wealth or being rich, and you will get answers along these lines like “having 1 million dollars”, “owning that piece of real estate in the upper class area, complete with garage and swimming pool” or “owning that Ferrari sports cars” etc etc. 

Grant Thorpe‘s definition of being rich is that you get out of bed when you finish sleeping!  Very interesting quote!  And it is quite in line with what Robert Kiyosaki defined as being rich or wealthy.

Robert Kiyosaki understood that being rich is not just about owning 1 million dollars or a piece of real estate.  It is more than just that, it is about cashflow.  Incoming and outflowing of money.  Robert Kiyosaki therefore, defined being rich or wealth as the number of days which you can survive without working.

So as long as you can survive without working, and thus able to get out of bed when you finished sleeping, you are being rich!

What is your own definition of being rich?