Top 6 personal financial obstacles – Part IV

Robert Kiyosaki listed 6 top personal obstacles that can block your path to financial success.  In the previous 3 installments, I have covered 4 of them.  In this last installment, I will be talking about the rest of the 2 personal obstacles – Arrogance and Disappointment.

Robert Kiyosaki’s definition of arrogance is ego plus ignorance.  The ignorance is hidden behind the ego.  Because of the ego, many people will try to bluster their way through financial discussions when they do not know what they are talking about.  They are not lying, but they are not telling the truth either.  There are full of people who do not know what they are talking about in the world of finance.

It is very easy to stumble and fall over your own ignorance and fail in financial matters.  When you are arrogant, because of your ego, you believe that what you know is important and what do not know is not important.  However, in reality, what you do not know is as important as what you do know.  Instead of arrogantly hiding your ignorance and bluffing your way to failure, start educating yourself for success.  Find an expert in the field or learn from books on those subjects.

When things don’t go as you have wished for, do you react with disappointment? 
Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad knew Robert Kiyosaki was shy and that learning to sell would help him to succeed. So when Robert Kiyosaki left the Marine Corps, Rich Dad recommended that he get a job that will teach him to sales and marketing skills. 

Robert Kiyosaki took up a salesman job and for the next two years, he was the worst salesman in the company.  Naturally, his tendency was to put the blame of his failure on the economy, or the product he was selling and even the customers.  Each time, Rich Dad would remind him that “When people are lame, they love to blame”.  To learn to sell, he had to face the pain of disappointment.  Eventually, he did pick up the skills and along with the skills of salesmanship came a priceless lesson of how to turn disappointment into an asset rather than a liability.

Many people are turning disappointment into a long term liability.  “I should have known I would fail.”  These are the words of those who have let disappointment hinder them from their learning.  As you get ready to embark on your journey to financial freedom, listen to the same advice Rich Dad offered Robert Kiyosaki.  “Prepare yourself for disappointment”.  If you are prepared for disappointment, you will have a chance to turn disappointment into an asset, instead of a liability.

Remember that preparing yourself for disappointment does not mean you will not still be frustrated or upset.  If you are prepared for disappointment, you will not take upon yourself too hard.  This is important, as, if you are being too hard on yourself, it will lead you to be overly cautious about taking risks or trying out new ideas.  When encountering failure, control your emotion and don’t let them affect you too much.  Put the disappointment away and start learning new financial skills.

Be mindful of these 6 obstacles listed by Robert Kiyosaki.  Do not let them block you from your journey to your financial freedom.  If you do, you will find yourself working harder and harder for money, and yet further and further from financial goal.  You then will be like Robert Kiyosaki’s Poor Dad in the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”.  Learn to overcome them, and follow the path of the Rich Dad, having money to work for you instead.  You will then be on the fast track to your financial success.